Coaching Corner: Inspiration for life


Sarah Sutton, MS our Life and Wellness coach shares articles and information that can be motivational as well as insightful.

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Breaking Bad Habits 

Here’s a great blog on breaking bad habits. First, it’s critical to understand what purpose the BAD habit is currently serving-before you do anything about it! This is the kind of thing we explore in coaching sessions!…/how-to-break-the-bad-habits-that-h…/


Overcoming Society’s Thin Ideal

Let go of your inner “mean girl.” She’s not helping you; in fact she’s likely DEmotivating you!…/dear-thin-ideal-goodbye-good-ri…/


Give up Complaining 

This article highlights my professional motto of “change your mind change your life.” So much of stress and the problems in life are a direct result of how we think about and react to them. What would YOU give up to transform your life from the inside out?…/giving-up-complaining_us_58…


Don’t deprive yourself, change your mindset

This article talks about the importance of practicing a non-deprived mindset as the doorway to finally wanting to make healthy choices most other times. Such an irony is tough to grasp and one I coach you through!


The metabolic Power of Pleasure 

This is a long article, but has so many nuggets of wisdom. Living this way can be elusive to so many, and that’s where coaching can help. We’re running our discount again on an initial consult.. sign up now! From the article: “So if you’re the kind of person who eats foods that are “good for you,” even though you don’t like them, or if you think you can have a lousy diet and make up for it by eating a strange-tasting vitamin-fortified protein bar, or if you’ve simply banished pleasure because you don’t have enough time to cook or find a sumptuous meal – then you likely aren’t doing yourself any nutritional favors. You’re slamming shut the door on a key metabolic pathway.”


Feeling Stressed? Stop these 3 mindsets

This article emphasizes letting go of mindsets that are keeping us trapped into feeling more stressed than we actually are. Such perspective shifting is the hallmark of coaching!…/feeling-stressed-3-mindse…


Mindfulness exercises to relax your body and mind

I myself relaxed just reading this article and considering that such simple 1-min pauses can help us to stay in the present (where deep living and appreciation exist).…/