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Sarah Sutton, MS, CHWC, CPT

Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Sarah Sutton, MS is our office’s Life and Wellness coach. Joining our office in August 2016

Sarah brings a compassionate and practical approach to personal well-being, which stems from her 20 years of experience in the fields of weight loss and fitness, health journalism, personal training, private coaching, corporate wellness, and lifestyle transformation. She holds national certifications as a Wellcoaches health and wellness coach, faith-based transformational coach, and American Council on Exercise personal trainer, with a Master’s degree in exercise science from The George Washington University, as well as recent training as a CDC Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach (for prediabetes patients.)

As a former weight loss and fitness editor with Prevention magazine, Sarah has more than 250 written articles to her credit. She has worked at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a residential healthy lifestyle center that champions the Health at Every Size movement, which parallels Sarah’s belief in acceptance as the cornerstone to any life change. Sarah has also owned her own outdoor fitness training and private coaching businesses.

After her own 60-pound weight loss 20 years ago, Sarah has maintained a happy focus on fitness that feels good (like yoga!), intuitive eating (which includes peanut butter and ice cream!), and body satisfaction, rather than size. She feels privileged to help empower patients to reach their ultimate vision of well-being.


What is Transformational Wellness Coaching?

You understand that being a master of your wellness is the key to physical and mental well-being at home and work. Yet, you struggle to balance it all out on your own or stay motivated. That’s where coaching comes in.

Wellness coaching is a patient-directed process of tapping into your internal motivators for change, exploration of the real (and sometimes surprising) issues getting in the way of your commitment, creating a compelling personal vision, and establishing realistic goals based on your particular circumstances and interests. It’s your own practical, customized plan for making lifestyle changes in the areas you decide, whether that’s learning to eat well for real life, finding time for and actually enjoying physical activity, balancing your life roles, managing stress, or permanently losing weight (Sarah’s specialty). It could also include career fulfillment, communication and relationships, time and organization management, spirituality, or other important areas that nurture fulfillment of you as a complete person.

Throughout the process you will achieve quantum shifts in thinking for long-term sustainability, regain your self-trust, and let go of perfectionist tendencies—all while weekly taking action one step at a time and receiving compassionate accountability. Coaching offers a deeper context for not only your wellness choices, but also how you live your life and relate to commitments. A typical coaching program runs 3 to 6 months.


Here’s what Sarah’s clients have to say about the coaching experience: 

“Sarah is a very attentive listener, and has a breadth of knowledge about eating issues. Even when I don’t notice it, she helps me to see that I am making progress and improving the quality of my life–one step at a time. I am more compassionate with myself and the growth process. I’ve come to appreciate my body more.” — Lin, age 65


“Sarah Sutton has been very motivating and has inspired me to make some positive changes that I had been thinking about for a long time, but hadn’t made a commitment to initiate. Our sessions are very productive and she provides tangible exercises and tasks for me to put into action. She checks in with me in between sessions, which is a helpful reminder about the commitments I made at the last session, and keeps me on track. Sarah is very easy to talk to; she is able to educate, motivate, and challenge the status quo.  I am very grateful and thankful for her support.”  Kara, age 48


“Working with Sarah has made a positive change in my life. Through guided exercises we have worked through many of my challenges. She is engaged, listens without judgement and helps get to the root of the problem, which has allowed me to finally let it go of many negative and often repetitive thoughts. I notice I have more confidence and am able to deal with difficult situations more easily. Thanks to our action items, I am sticking to my goals and have been able to see the difference in my life. I am happy I made the decision to invest in myself and I am grateful for all the knowledge and insight Sarah has shared with me.” Lynn, age 38 


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