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Welcome to Weaver Wellness Care!

This Spring with its promise of renewal seems the perfect time to reflect on all the many changes at the practice.

First of all, we have a new name:  Weaver Wellness Care!   We’ve desperately needed a new name from the day we first opened our doors!  Elizabeth Weaver, MD, PLC never had much of a ring to it. But more importantly, it failed to encapsulate the vision I have had for the practice.  When the amazing provider Janice Speer,FNP-BC joined the practice, I realized we needed to change the name sooner rather than later.

The addition of Janice Speer, FNP-BC has been the most significant and positive change at WWC.  It took time to find just the right provider to join me. Janice brings a wealth of knowledge, years of experience and the perfect blend of humor and compassion to her job.  And we have a shared vision. She has a love of preventative medicine and enjoys teaching patients how to best care for themselves, improving their quality of life for years to come.

Together we’ve created what I like to think of as a micro-practice.  We’re proudly a women-owned and operated business and strive to be a family-friendly workplace.  Having both worked at busy group practices, we wanted the chance to slow down and spend more time with our patients.  We’re both trained in Family Medicine. Our approach to patient care is fundamentally holistic and rooted in the basics.  Our job is not to treat a myriad of symptoms but find the root cause of disease. We recognize the critical role the mind, the body and the spirit play in wellness.  We work collaboratively with nutritionists, therapists, and acupuncturists. We recognize the critical role of mindfulness and help our patients find community resources and to teach them ways to slow down.   

We’re aware how very busy and hectic life in Northern Virginia can be.  To serve you best we offer early morning, evening and lunchtime appointments.  We hope the new addition of online-booking will also make getting the best medical care that much easier.

After 17 years working in Fairfax county, I continue to enjoy the practice of medicine and am grateful for the privilege of caring for patients.  I’m proud of the practice we’ve created and all that the future holds.

Elizabeth Weaver, MD


Dr. Elizabeth Weaver, MD

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