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Information about your telemedicine visit.

On the day of your appointment, your provider will send a text request directly to your cell phone number. Please confirm with the office that we have your correct cell phone number.

The request will be from This request may come up to 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. Please be patient as your provider is finishing up with another patient.


Once you receive the request, click on the link and give permission for the camera and microphone, (instructions below) once you have done that, you will be in a virtual waiting room and your provider will join you shortly.

How to enable your Camera and Microphone

In order to join your video call, you must grant your smartphone browser access to your camera and microphone.

This happens during your first Dialer Video call, but in case you ignored the prompt, here are step-by-step PDFs



Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What browser do I need to accept a Dialer Video call?

Dialer Video calls are done without downloading a special app and work with the Web Browser on your Smartphone or computer.


  • iOS Mobile Device: Safari (only iOS 11 & up are supported)

  • Android Mobile Device: Google Chrome, Firefox


  • MacOS Desktop: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge 

  • Windows Desktop: Chrome, Safari, Edge 

I am having trouble connecting to a video call. Any ideas?

Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Video calls can be joined using wifi or cellular data. A poor connection on either can lead to a dropped call or inability to connect. Since the invitation to a video call is sent via text, most Dialer Video calls are taken on the phone. Here are some tips to ensure quality calls: 

  • Check browser requirements Dialer Video works on most modern phones. If in doubt, please check that your browser meets the minimum requirements


  • Try another network - Slow to connect? Sometimes switching your connection helps. On your phone, go to settings. If having trouble on cellular, turn on Wifi and try another call. If vice versa, turn off Wifi and try again.

  • Move closer to your router If your wifi signal is poor, positioning yourself close to your router will likely improve it. 


  • Disconnect other devices from your network. Every device connected to your wifi network will take up bandwidth. If your network cannot handle the stress, try disconnecting other devices.

Can I participate in the video call on my computer?

 Dialer Video relies on text messages to initiate a conversation. However, with an additional step, you can join on your computer. 


1. From the Video, call invite text, press and hold down on the link to pull up the action sheet. 
2. Select Copy Link. 
3. Open your email client, tap the blank message body, and select Paste to paste the URL to an email addressed to yourself.





4. Open your email on your computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.



These steps assume that Chrome is your default Internet browser.  If Chrome is not your default browser, you can long-press the address bar in step 2 to copy the link, then paste it in an email or message to yourself.


  1. Tap the link in the Video call invite text

  2. From your browser, tap the address bar

  3. Tap the share icon that appears under the address bar

  4. You can share it to yourself however you like.  In the example, Gmail is selected

  5. Address the email to yourself and send it

  6. Open your email on your computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.

I am not able to video call because my audio and camera aren’t working, how do I fix this?

In order to join a video call, you must enable your camera and microphone. Here's How


Why does it try to launch Doximity when I click on the link texted to me? 

As a patient, you do NOT need the Doximity application on your phone to use Dialer Video. Please delete it. We understand that doctors can be patients too (and that often you want to do a test drive on your phone "as a patient") but at this time the Doximity app cannot be on your phone if you are connecting to the video call as the recipient of a text invite. 


NOTE:   Using the Doximity Dialer Video feature will use your standard cellular data.






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