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Adolescent Medicine

Weaver Wellness Care

Family Medicine Practice located in Herndon, VA

Adolescence is a very sensitive time, and young adults have unique health concerns that require tender care from a knowing doctor. Dr. Elizabeth Weaver at Weaver Wellness Care has a special place in her heart for adolescent medicine and recognizes the struggles children face at that age. If you’re looking for a healthcare provider to take care of your child’s medical needs, make an appointment to visit the Herndon, Virginia, office by calling or using the online scheduler.

Adolescent Medicine Q & A

What age groups do family healthcare providers treat?

As family healthcare practitioners, Dr. Weaver and Janice Speer both attend to the needs of children and adolescents as well as adults and seniors. They have experience and training in a wide range of medicine so they can help a wider audience.

The practitioners at Weaver Wellness Care adjust their approach for each age group and their different concerns. Their practice encompasses:

  • Pediatric care for ages 6 and up
  • Adolescent medicine for children ages 11 through 21
  • Adult care for those from 21 to 64
  • Geriatric medicine for those 65 and older

What concerns does adolescent medicine address?

Adolescents have age-specific health concerns for which Dr. Weaver and Janice Speer provide compassionate care. These include:

  • Puberty
  • Sexual health
  • Substance use prevention
  • Mental health
  • Eating disorders
  • Acne
  • Learning or attention troubles

What role does an adolescent health care provider play?

An adolescent health care provider helps young adults navigate their health and medical concerns in a relatable way. They take a supportive, age-appropriate approach to make your children feel at home at the practice.

Dr. Weaver and Janice Speer also act as advocates and counselors for adolescents, helping them make the best decisions regarding their health. They can also play the role of mediator between a young adult and their family, offering objective recommendations in the child’s best interest.

In some cases, your adolescent health care provider acts as a confidential advisor regarding mental and reproductive health issues. Dr. Weaver and Janice want your child to feel comfortable talking to them about anything, and they provide a safe place to do so.

What types of services do adolescent health care providers offer?

As adolescent health care providers, the experts at Weaver Wellness Care offer the following services:

  • Annual and sports physicals
  • Well-child checkups
  • Gynecological/reproductive exams
  • Birth control guidance
  • STD testing
  • Treatment for minor acute illness or injury
  • Chronic illness management for conditions such as asthma, allergies, and diabetes
  • Treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, and acne
  • Vaccinations

If you’re looking for warm, friendly medical support for the young adults in your household, contact Weaver Wellness Care online or over the phone to make an appointment.