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Annual Wellness Exam

Weaver Wellness Care

Family Medicine Practice located in Herndon, VA

If staying on top of your health is important to you, you’ll appreciate the annual wellness assessments available at Weaver Wellness Care. Elizabeth Weaver, MD and Janice Speer, FNP-BC provide preventive services such as cancer screenings and annual physicals to enhance your wellbeing. If you’re looking for a primary provider in Herndon, Virginia, to take care of your annual exams, contact the practice online or over the phone for an appointment.

Annual Wellness Exam Q & A

Why are annual wellness exams important?

Dr. Weaver believes that good medicine doesn’t just mean treating disease, but instead considering all aspects of a person’s health: mind, body, and spirit. Nutrition, exercise, stress relief, and mindfulness all play a critical role in your health.

Annual wellness exams allow Dr. Weaver to take a preventive approach to your healthcare, helping her identify health concerns before they cause further damage. Instead of just waiting to treat diseases once they're present, she enables you to optimize your health to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.

Annual wellness exams are also an excellent opportunity to develop your relationship with Dr. Weaver, bring up any issues you’ve been having, and reestablish focus on your health-related goals.

What type of annual wellness exams do family practitioners offer?

Dr. Weaver and Janice Speer offer the following annual wellness exams at Weaver Wellness Care:

  • Annual physical
  • Preventive screenings
  • Cancer screenings
  • Well-woman exams
  • Well-child exams

Ask Dr. Weaver which tests and screenings she recommends. She may encourage screenings based on your age, risk factors, current symptoms, or previous medical history.

What happens during an annual wellness exam?

During your wellness exam, Dr. Weaver reviews your health history and your current medications. She takes your vital signs, listens to your heart and lungs, and takes routine measurements.

Depending on the type of exam you’ve scheduled, Dr. Weaver performs different observatory or physical screenings. For example, an annual physical involves a head-to-toe exam, a well-woman exam consists of an exam of the reproductive organs, and a skin cancer screening requires close observation of your skin.

What happens after an annual wellness exam?

If the results of your exam show risk factors for disease, Dr. Weaver addresses them with the appropriate treatment or further testing. She may recommend that you make lifestyle adjustments, take preventive medication, schedule more frequent check-ins, or use protective nutraceuticals.

Dr. Weaver works with a network of other professionals to promote your overall wellness. If you need additional support after your wellness exam, she can refer you to medical specialists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, or exercise instructors.

If you want to schedule a routine preventive exam or screening, contact Weaver Wellness Care online or over the phone.