Same Day Appointments

Weaver Wellness Care

Family Medicine Practice located in Herndon, VA

It’s often difficult to get an appointment at the very moment you need your doctor most. Not so at Weaver Wellness Care, where you can schedule same-day appointments with Elizabeth Weaver, MD and Janice Speer, FNP-BC for acute conditions such as bladder infections and child fevers. Call the Herndon, Virginia, office for a list of immediate care openings.

Same Day Appointments Q & A

When is it appropriate to request a same-day appointment?

Dr. Weaver and Janice Speer provide extended office hours to accommodate medical problems that can’t wait until the next day. These issues are usually urgent but not life-threatening emergencies.

Some examples of medical issues that require prompt attention include:

  • Mental health concerns
  • Acute illness (flu, pink eye, strep throat, etc.)
  • Minor burns or injuries
  • Skin, ear, sinus, or urinary tract infections
  • Skin rashes
  • Sprains and strains

When should I go to the ER or urgent care instead of my family practitioner?

Emergency rooms have the staff and equipment necessary to handle more serious medical issues, such as traumatic injuries and heart attacks. Urgent care clinics are appropriate when your doctor is unable to see you right away for non-emergency, non-life threatening conditions.

If you’ve been involved in a car or other type of accident, you should be evaluated in the emergency room. Any time you injure your head or neck or think you’ve broken a bone, you likely need the services of an ER.

The same goes for cuts or burns that are more than minor. Severe fevers, pain, or bleeding should also be evaluated in an ER. You may need to go to an ER or an urgent care clinic, depending on what’s still open, if you need medical help after business hours.

What are the benefits of same-day appointments with my family practitioner?

Same-day appointments at Weaver Wellness Care allow you to have earlier access to medical care so you can experience relief and begin recovery.

With same-day appointments, you can avoid the unnecessary expense and inconvenience of the ER or walk-in clinic. You’re given a scheduled appointment time, so you don’t have to wait around in a first-come-first-served environment.

It’s also nice to be able to see your doctor for your urgent needs rather than a stranger at another clinic. Janice Speer and Dr. Weaver have access to all your current records and information, so you won’t need to explain everything anew to a provider who’s unfamiliar with your situation.

If you need to schedule a same-day appointment with Janice Speer or Dr. Weaver, call the Weaver Wellness Care office or check the online schedule for openings.