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Sports Physicals

Weaver Wellness Care

Family Medicine Practice located in Herndon, VA

Sports physicals are required to participate in many sports, and Weaver Wellness Care offers this convenient service to school-aged children. Elizabeth Weaver, MD and Janice Speer, FNP-BC help patients get cleared to play with physical readiness assessments at their Herndon, Virginia, practice. If you need to schedule a sports physical for your child, call the front desk or use the book online button to set up an appointment.

Sports Physical Q & A

Why does my child need a sports physical?

A sports physical allows Dr. Weaver to assess your child’s physical preparedness for sports. The physical also provides insight into any of your child’s health issues that could interfere with their game, such as asthma or allergies.

Your child’s safety is the core consideration of a sports physical. Their coach and doctor don’t want them to get hurt or suffer ongoing consequences from their sport.

While it’s unlikely that your child’s condition will exclude them from playing, Dr. Weaver can help you prepare for a successful season and help you make necessary modifications. The sports physical gives your child the opportunity to get treatment before their first practice.

Most states and athletic organizations require a sports physical to clear your child to play. Even if your child doesn't need the checkup, Dr. Weaver still recommends getting one.

What happens during a sports physical?

The sports physical consists of two main parts: your child’s medical history and the physical exam.

Medical History

As part of the sports physical, Dr. Weaver asks about your child’s current and past conditions, injuries, allergies, and surgeries. She also records information from your family’s medical history. Giving her complete, truthful information is essential.

Physical Exam

During the physical exam portion of the sports physical, Dr. Weaver checks your child’s height and weight, vital signs, reflexes, and strength. She also examines their eyes, ears, throat, and nose.

She uses the stethoscope to listen to your child’s heart, lungs, and abdomen. If your child had a recent injury, Dr. Weaver checks to make sure it’s properly healed.

After the medical history and exam, Dr. Weaver either approves your child to play or requests additional testing, follow-ups, or treatment. She also provides general advice about injury prevention, conditioning, and nutrition to optimize your child’s athletic performance.

What’s the difference between sports physicals, annual physicals, and school exams?

Annual physicals are the most comprehensive of the three. Their purpose is to assess your child’s entire picture of health. Sports exams are specific to a sport, while school exams test your child’s readiness to enter school based on their vaccinations, hearing, vision, and developmental needs.

You may be wondering if you can just cover all school and sports requirements with an annual physical. While one type of exam can’t substitute for another, Dr. Weaver can conduct multiple exams during a single visit.

Contact Weaver Wellness Care online or over the phone to schedule your child’s sports physical.